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I can help troubleshoot any computer problems and can address your questions whether you are setting up a computer for the first time or you have some challenges with your current technology.

Acquisition of hardware and/or software:

Personalized help in acquiring new hardware and software applications, including going with you to the store for an actual purchase. I am experienced in both Windows and Apple-based hardware and software products. In addition to computers, I am experienced in laptops, tables, and smart phones. We also handle all the necessary peripherals like printers, home networks, internet connectivity, and broadband services.


I can provide support ranging from one time occurrences to full support on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis and handle all computer related issues ranging from printer connections to setting up new computers or any other hardware.


Training and Education:

I will provide one on one training to suite your needs and do also provide group training classes if needed. The training can be offered on an hourly basis or be structured over a longer time frame like weekly or monthly. If you want to become social media savvy, we can help you with the necessary education around Facebook, email Twitter, Instagram, etc.

“I wish to recommend Deborah King to anyone who is needing computer help in installing or operating a computer. My husband and I had never had a computer or worked with one.
Deborah installed one for us & instructed us how to operate it. It was perfect! A whole new world was opened to us and we are very grateful to her!”


90 something years old

“Deborah is so smart, quick and friendly, it was a joy to have her in my house. She’s very patient and answered my questions without making me feel stupid. I’m now on Facebook and can keep up with all the comings and goings of my extended family. I couldn’t have done it without her.”


70 something years old

“Deborah takes the fear out of shopping for and using a computer. She knows what’s available to best meet your need and how to find the best deal. She patiently shows you how to do what you need to do in terms you can easily understand. And then she’s there for back up support!”


Pam – 60 something years old

“I’ve been resisting a computer in my home for years but with Deborah’s help, I now can use the computer she bought for me to write to my long distance friends. I also write stories on the computer which has been so much easier than typing with the typewriter. And she’s been a doll to work with!”


80 something years old

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